29-0916 BBC Project

Tuesday 27th 2016

This week all animation students, first to fourth years were presented the task of creating an ident for the ‘BBC challenge.’ The ident had to be between five and ten seconds and include the BBC Northern Ireland logo “The snot.” First year (myself) students were to be assigned to groups with one final year, a second year or two and some placement year students were thrown in the mix. Myself and friend Dermott Burns (top class animator) joined a group with a fourth year named Hannah, and a couple of second years, Jordan and Rhea. After introductions we got to brainstorming aiming for 100 ideas which in the end was around 80 with a few reworded versions of the same ideas for the time slot our ident could be shown which was breakfast time. After a lot of discussing we narrowed our options down to five which we could research and explore the range of possibilities which we could create.


Wednesday 28th 2016

On Wednesday morning we decided that we would settle on our ‘tea’ idea which was to focus the famous cup of tea many of us rely on in the morning to be the focal point of our ident. The premise of our idea was to use the logo which when turned on it’s side looks like steam rising from a cup, this is an example of one of many ideas thrown around. However during some group presentations we seen that it was a similar idea to what other people were planning to do. This led us to a quick decision change to go an alternative route of creating a stop motion. The idea continuously changed as we planned it but eventually decided on a design by the end of the day.


Thursday 29th 2016

On Thursday we created our full stop motion with coffee beans. I made a stencil of the BBC NI logo so we could easily recreate it with the coffee. The idea was to begin with the logo and change this into a ball, and then reverse this footage and fade the real logo over ours. I was very happy with our end results for the limited time and the effort put in by my team. I was also impressed with the standard of the other projects by the rest of the animation students during our presentations for the BBC.


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