10-10-16 Changing teams

A new week a new challenge. We were told in the previous week that some of us will be changing groups and myself and fellow team mate Ryan were torn from our original ideas to explore new horizons. We landed in a group with Darcy who had stayed with her original groups idea and Rose who like Ryan and myself had moved from another group.

Darcy filled us in on our new idea ‘BERMUDA TIKI ISLAND GOD.’ Her team had thought it out well and had lots of exciting elements to their world, it took me a while to get my head around everything. I was excited to help with the new idea, my team were excellent and came up with fantastic ideas however I think I was a bit slow to join the process,  as there was so much going on in the world already I didn’t quite know what I could contribute, but I was still determined to be a helpful asset to my team and didn’t want to let them down. We were thinking in particular about audiences and characters that would reside in out Tiki world which proved more difficult than we thought because sometimes one of our ideas would rule out an old one, we wanted to make it as exciting as possible without losing the essence of what we began with.



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