27-10-16 Colour Struggles

Myself and Viola met up on Thursday after life drawing after life drawing classes later joined by David, we discussed some ideas of where our world was heading. Viola wanted to work on her tonal work for another while before moving into colour and David had the same thoughts. The start of the week was quite slow die to also having the photography project to consider alongside colour work but we decided that we had a lot of room to experiment with light sources in our synapse world. We also shared the idea that we could look further into what would happen to the synapses if the brains owner was experiencing a dream or suffering from a mental illness.

I began the week attempting some studies but the task was proving more difficult than I had thought it would be, colour is really difficult.


This is an incomplete piece. I attempted to compose a rather drastic perspective shot of a synapse reaching into the sky however. The intent of this piece was to have contrasting warm and cold colours, the warm colours would be around the synapse which provides it’s own light source which would signify heat. I spent a lot of time composing the piece but I felt like I had messed up the colour values. I think I hit a block with this piece so I decided my time would be better spent moving on and possibly coming back to it. (Not the case)

I attempted another piece this time beginning with the tonal values so that I could make a more dramatic contrast and then used a gradient mask to adjust the overall colour of the piece.


This piece has some feeling of depth but I don’t feel the values are justified, the piece lacks detail and style but as this was still only the start of colour week I felt I would have more time to improve and really grasp using colour.


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