10/11/16 StoryBoards

Today after life drawing my group met. Myself Lauren and David spent quite a while developing quite a solid story board with camera pans and some timing directions. Jessica joined us and was happy with the direction we had taken the story. We sat down and discussed colour schemes and ideas, I felt we all had a good grasp of what we wanted to do. We assigned tasks for everyone to do five rough drawings of the scenes and David and I could refine the drawings after. Lauren was happy to do colour and Jesscia was happy to work on lighting shadows and find some sound effects.


A reference I thought of which could be a cool influence for our shadows, death eaters in black, Aurors in white.


A colour image for reference Lauren showed us which we could possibly take inspiration from, nice portrayal or warm and cold colours.


Possible colour Palette which Lauren suggested we could use she made on photoshop


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