8/11/16 Feedback and New Project

Today we presented our ideas and it didn’t go all that well. Communication in the past couple of weeks was not that great in the team and due to personal matters in their life a group member could not contribute to the overall colour week which meant we had a lack of work and David wanted to focus on their tonal pieces before they moved onto colour even though his tonal pieces were a great addition to the presentation. This meant that we had quite a lack of colour work as it consisted of my own and Viola’s. Conánn gave our groups colour work constructive criticism saying that we hadn’t been adventurous enough with our colour work, this resonated with me as I felt my colour pieces had little variation of warm and cool colours but were more glorified tonal pieces. Looking at the rest of the classes work was incredibly intimidating with many members of the class showing incredible talent, experimentation and innovation, this made me feel disappointed in my own work but also inspiring. Although colour week is over this is a task that I will study in spare time that I have alongside tone as there is a lot I need to know about these essential skills.

At the end of presentations we were reassigned into new groups with a team member change, I remained in the group with Jessica and David but we had a new addition to the team as Viola left, Lauren joined our team. The new world we joined was incredibly interesting and the team on the world had left us with some beautiful concepts to work with. The task set was to create a 30 second coloured animation for next week. It will be a lot of work but with team efforts it should be possible to a high standard.


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