9/11/16 Brainstorming and Thumbnails

Myself and Lauren met up in the morning and brainstormed some ideas, David and Jess came in shortly after and had liked the ideas we came up with. The main focus of the idea was following one of the little tree people of our world and some form of chase scene with the shadow people being the pursuers. Lauren began to draw out some thumbnails of our idea and our team began to attempt some concept art for the animatic. I proceeded to look at a story board and looking at camera angles and panning.

The general story that we are following focuses on the tree people. At night they sleep in huddles as they emit a greater light together which keeps the shadow people well away. One young tree baby falls from their huddle and rolls away. When he wakes up he sees a pretty light, being a young’un the kid doesn’t know the dangers of night and the shadow people so it follows the light (possibly the moon). It waddles after  the light but reachers the chasm where the shadow people reside, it realises the trouble when the light is gone and as he turns back he gets chased by shadow people. It looks like he won’t make it back to the huddle but his mates save the day bursting light at the shadows saving our little wanderer.


Below is some of the beautiful work done by Allistar Lyons on the group before us which gave us a great grasp of the world and ideas for our animatic.

I thought I cool reference was one of the new clips from planet earth 2 of snakes chasing an iguana, the footage is epic and has tense moments which I feel could be useful to us developing our animatic.

David reminded us of a doctor who episode called ‘Silence in the Library’ which I feel was a good reference for the shadows. He also mentioned other references such as when the egg gets away from the parents which is a good visual for our tree baby that falls away from his huddle.



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