2/11/16 New Abstract Ideas

Viola was interesting in taking a quite abstract approach to our synapse world, she looked at 2d elements which I found interesting. I liked her designs and thought it would be cool to try and adapt them into some of my own designs. We agreed that we had lots of room for experimentation in out world still. Here is some of Violas pieces below.

I decided to jump into a different medium than digital drawing because I was inspired by other people in the classes fantastic watercolour and pencil studies. I decided I would look at how colours represented moods such as blue signifying sadness or depression or red showing anger. I also wanted to look at mental illness so I painted a couple of designs showing possible visualisations of how the synapses would look for example, synapses in a trench so they can not connect, or synapses frozen drifting through a void.


These light boxes had some inspiration for the layering in the pieces.

Light boxes by Hari & Deepti


I attempted the above digital piece with reference to one of my water colour paintings above, the intent was to use hot colours to represent anger. I decided to use a cave like image as it could resonate with lava and heat.


I created this piece with the mental illness in mind, I wanted it to be fairly abstract with Violas work in mind. The idea behind it is the synapses are not making any connections and are just drifting through a void which could represent the brain of someone who has Alzheimer’s or another disease which impairs thought processes.


I created this digital painting with the intention of it representing a brain having a dream, the synapses are wisping through the clouds. Inspiration taken from the below image.insp-twirly-cloud


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