11/11/16 Roughs and Character roatations

Today I did out some rough drawings for the stills I was assigned by the team, I had frames 11,12,13 and 14. The plan was to refine the drawings but Lauren felt comfortable colouring from the roughs which was great as it will cut down the time a lot.

As I was assigned to drawing the character for the scenes I created a character rotation so I knew what I would be drawing when adding the tree person to the scenes. The character design we decided to use was one of Allistar Lyons drawings which he adapted from the previous groups work, I personally really liked it so I took his design and tried to create the lineup.


Allistar’s Drawing


I then began to add the characters into the perspective of the environments attempting to keep the line work simple so I could colour them later with the correct lighting and shadows which apply to the scenes. I drew them into my backgrounds then put them on separate documents so I could impose them on to the final colours studies with ease.


Had an idea for the starting scene taken from another of Allistar’s great paintings. I took his original painting, added higher mountains, a deep sky and some clouds. The blue lines represent camera movement.

opening scene test.jpg

(Note, Link Allistar’s blog for credit)


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