14/11/16Colouring this little pear

I firstly coloured the the character using the basic colour palette that Lauren came up with. Once she had the background I added the character layer on top. I added any additional colouring, shadows or lighting which suited the scene. Here are two examples below.

Lauren created the backgrounds based on our rough sketches and I created the tree person character and the shadow people.

Here are all of the scenes which i have imposed the character onto the background. I created the background of scenes 4,5 and 6 myself as they were just close ups, I added some more red tones into the environment because of the reflected light off of the moon.

There further scenes show the tree person but I created shadows which come out of the crevice and chase the tree person. I just created a new layer and added added a smokey shadow with hints of hands and heads as if to show the shadows were trying to catch the tree person. This also links in well as an old idea for this world was that the shadows were from dead humans.

The landscape was very dark which meant that the shadows would be hard to see if they were black so the shadows I painted in look quite smokey with tones fitting to the atmosphere.

Here are all of the Final frames. David found some nice music and sound effects which he played for us. David is also going to edit the movie for our presentation tomorrow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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