Final PechaKucha Script on Burton

Jessica’s slides I read (amended due to time restraints) 

4th picture- ….

One of those scripts was Beetlejuice. Released in 1988 it was one of the biggest selling movies of the decade. It was intended to be darker, he changed the original murder and rape scenes resulting in the humorous movie we know today. Tim continued to try for a sequel since the original was released, even hinting this year that a script has been written…

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After beetle juice’s success Burton formed his own production company and went on to direct Batman in 1989. He never wanted to follow the original comic books for the movie, which annoyed a lot of people, but it resulted in a fresher look for the franchise. Batman heavily features Prince on it’s soundtrack, who created an entire album for the movie, of which only half was used.

My original five

SLIDE ONE – Inspirations

Burton’s inspiration for his work comes from many sources. Much of his work is inspired by drawings he created as a teenager. Mars attack, which he directed was based on a series of violent trading cards from the 60’s and also from personal art work which displayed elements of social commentary. His films often have settings of the Halloween season accentuating his signature gothic style.


SLIDE TWO – Inspirations

Burton has always identified himself as an outsider which has a significant influence in much of his work. This is captured in one of his most popular movies, ‘Edward scissor hands,’ with the protagonist being a total social outcast. He wanted to cast an actor who ‘got the idea, that sadness of being misperceived’, which he found in Johnny Depp.


SLIDE THREE – Collaborations

Burton is know for recasting actors in the films he directs. he seems to share an affinity with Johnny Depp who has featured in eight of his movies. His ex wife Helena Bonham Carter and Christopher Lee have featured in 7 and 6 films respectively. The reasoning is that he likes actors who bring something to the table.


SLIDE FOUR – Collaborations

Danny Elfman is the composer behind the majority of Burtons films, as in Tim’s words they share a ‘similar approach’ when working. Burton has also collaborated with the likes of Vincent Price, Danny Devito and Michael Gough. He also worked with puppet manufacturers Mackinnon & Saunders three times.


SLIDE FIVE – Techniques

Burton’s attraction to stop motion lay in it’s ability to lend weight to characters, he utilised this method at disney creating ‘Vincent.’ He wrote the very successful Nightmare before Christmas  proving an old method such as stop-motion could succeed alongside new and exciting computer animation. Burton continued his stop motion work in James and the giant peach, The Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie.



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