Colour Development

When reviewing my previous work I realised that even though I had learned a lot and that my art began developing I had not showcased what I have learned especially in terms of colour work which was previously very safe. I have tried to be more experimental with my work using different mediums and a wider range of contrasting colours.

Here is an example of two water colour and pencil pieces for the synapse world which was originally the world I was assigned to for colour week. I’ve tried to explore the uses of warm and cold colours and I am happy with the result.


I really wanted to do more digital paintings, I decided to compose and paint a scene for an original idea I had for the shadow world animatic of one of the little tree people looking into cavernous depths of the shadow peoples home right before an eclipse. A critique for this piece would be that it’s quite earth like and not experimental in that sense, however, my aim and purpose of this piece was to showcase my furthered understanding of colour.

Shadow world colour study .jpg


Inspired by some of my classmates I wanted to try a photo mash piece. I drew up a sketch I had done as a concept for ‘Tiki Island God’ world and began to mash photos and paint together using things like nets and metal to show how this creatures might be affected during their mutations in this world.picture smash.jpg


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