Artist Research


3D environment/ prop artist

3D character artist

VFX Artist

Look at the above artists workflow and methods

Organise into floating city groups

3D Environment Artists

I really like this 3D environment by Everett Gunther who I came across whilst researching



I really liked there little character designs by R2 studio

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I loved this breakdown of fantastic beast from imagine engine


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What I really loved viewing the most was the obscurus from the film, watching it I really felt the anger and rage through the dark mass of energy, I was astounded by the personality the animators at double negative studious were able to lend to it.

Towards the end of the film, Credence Barebone (Ezra Miller) is revealed to be an Obscurial, a young wizard who has developed a parasitical magical force known as an Obscurus. This manifests itself into a black mess of particle energy to represent Credence’s torment. Double Negative crafted the effect.


“That was a bit of a journey,” admitted Burke. “We didn’t really know what it was. It was unlike all the other creatures where we could draw things and then interpret them into models and start animating them. This thing had no form. It was rage, it was anger. So we went through the usual thing of trying to find reference of what it might move like but it was really Ezra’s character that was going to drive the Obscurus itself. He said, ‘Well actually guys I’ve been thinking about a performance I can show you.’ And he just went into this kind of possessed performance that we videoed and it was amazing what he did. Three minutes of sort of distortion and contortion.”

“We took this footage away, and we cut it and we reversed it, and using earlier video references that David liked we kind of emulated that using Ezra’s performance and then showed it to David again because he hadn’t been aware Ezra had even done this stuff. And David was blown away about it, he just thought, ‘Wow, this is our Obscurus.’”


Double Negative then continued refining the concept, working in effects simulation software Houdini and its own proprietary tools to give the Obscurus faces character and movement. “The Obscurus was just a constantly changing, membranous sort of quality and then the particles came along afterwards,” said Burke.”


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