Jacob’s Ladder Thoughts

My team’s assigned movie for the schematic and artefact project was ‘Jacob’s Ladder.’

Initial release: 2 November 1990 (USA)

Director: Adrian Lyne

Screenplay: Bruce Joel Rubin

Budget: 25 million USD

Music composed by: Maurice Jarr

I have to say I found this movie very interesting. The movie follows Jacob Singer a Vietnam war veteran who is tormented by by what appear to be demons. Singer struggles to decipher reality from hallucinations and flashbacks of war he is plagued with. It is discovered that other members of his Military unit experience the same episodes.

The movie has a very tense tone, there is few occasions of light in the darkness for singer, however, one light would appear to be his chiropractor, Louis who Singer says looks ‘like an angel.’ This lead to them religious theme in the movie. Singer would appear to be religious naming his children christian names, his partner, Jezzie on the other hand is not and was quoted as being a ‘heathen’ by Singer in a joking tone. Singer’s old war friend Paul also believed himself to be going to hell as a result of the hallucinations.

Singer also struggles with the death of his son, Gabe in the movie who he had with his ex-wife. Singer also experiences episodes where he is back with his wife and his child is still alive. His son dies before he leaves for Vietnam.

I feel like there is a lot of symbolism in the movie from a skinned sheep’s head in the fridge to a flirtatious palm reader. I enjoyed the way the film was not transparent and constantly had me questioning what everything meant.

I can’t say for sure that I totally understand the movie as of yet. What events shown in the movie really happened? Was Singer’s military unit really tested on? Why did the receptionist not know his doctor if he had just died two months ago??? I’m not sure yet but I will try and come to my own deductions.

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