The Stranger – Albert Camus

The book the stranger appears twice in the movie and would seem to have some significance to the plot, the book as I read it for A level was named ‘The Outsider’ is story of a man named Meursault who lives for only the sensual things in life. Meursault feels no remorse for the death of his mother, it is more of an inconvenience to him. Her forms a relationship with a woman her is attracted to and befriends a rumored pimp, Raymond. Meursault, Raymond and their girlfriends go Raymond’s friend Masson’s beach house, they meet two Arab’s one of which is Raymond’s mistresses brother. Raymond wants to shoot one after being stabbed, Meursault talks him out of it but later returns and shoots Raymond’s sisters brother.

The second part of the book is Meursault adapting to prison which at first bothers him but he soon gets used to. He has no remorse or belief in God which distresses some of those who speak with him such as the Chaplain who wants him to renounce his atheism and turn to God ‘Meursault truly embraces the idea that human existence holds no greater meaning. He abandons all hope for the future and accepts the “gentle indifference of the world.” This acceptance makes Meursault feel happy.’ Meursault faces execution.
Jacob is a man who is unwilling to face death, he hangs on in a purgatory like place but by the end of the movie accepts death and moves on, this is the same for Mersault who at first holds on to the things that he desires such as cigarettes, the touch of a woman or the wind but ultimately comes to the decision that non of it means anything and accepts death.

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