Make it Digital

The plan was to make our schematic digital. Once each team member had their scene notes completed we decided that myself and Jack would take their handwritten versions and make them digital, he would take holly’s and I would take Rose’s. I began to create a digital version of my scenes but Jack was much faster and had his ready. Jack sent me his layout which allowed me to enter my researched information into his clear layout. The intent of making it digital was so that we could could have a relatively plain basis which we could later stylise.

My failed attempts:


Here’s the more organised version Jack created with the information I input from my scenes.


Myself and Jack review the schematic in the morning and talked over any confusion or adjustments we could make, I was still entering information into my scene and Jack offered to enter the information from Rose’s hard copies as he know the photoshop layers well and could easily organise them and edit the information.


Here’s the final technical schematic which we are giving to Rose. Rose is going to restyle the schematic in a style inspired by artist EMILY CARROL, ‘a Canadian illustrator who works in the genres of mystery and horror.’



Here’s a key I created which will be updated by rose with the restyled designs.





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