Schematic Restyling

We wanted our schematic to be stylised, we discussed styles emphasising the the idea of a ladder which we believed could represent Jacobs journey to heaven or his decent into madness with his ever intensifying hallucinations. We thought we could possibly create some Jacob illustrations to place at different sections going down the ladder however this idea was too time consuming so we did not take it further.

Rose opted to restyle the schematic as the previous version was technical and was for the purpose of laying out clearly where all the new designs would go.

Rose was inspired by artist Emily Carroll for redesigning the schematic. Here’s a couple pf designs. Rose shares more on her blog



Here is the final redesigned schematic, I think rose did a really nice job with the textures, style and typograpgy;


I took the redesigned schematic and created a quick pan from top to bottom. It lasts 20 seconds which is possibly too quick but was for the purpose of the PechaKucha style of our presentation.




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