Creating our artefact

TEAMMATES: Holly Cardwell, Matthew Duddy, Jack Ellison

After doing extensive research we decided on an artefact, we had some unsuccessful ideas such as a short artistic film but due to the time restraints we did not do this.

I suggested to the team the idea of some kind of surrealist photo album, everyone seemed to like the idea so we went with that. I suggested that we could possibly base it off this quote from louis in the movie;


We decided that we wanted the album to be open ended like the movie, to leave the viewer guessing which world was reality. We decided to keep the first section of the album like a normal photo album, showcasing childhood memories;


Following the plot of the movie we decided to have a scene which would represent Jacob’s death in Vietnam, so we left blank pages and Holly splattered them with various liquids to create blood stains.


We decided that the end of our album should be surreal and repetitive to show how Jacob is trapped in a purgatory type place with images of him becoming progressively more distorted, it would also include demons and characters such as Jezz who were heavily featured in his life at this time.

Continuing with the idea of making it open ended we decided to place some government documents in the album to allude to the chance that Jacob did not die in Vietnam and this album was actually a log of Michael’s in which he recorded the deterioration of Jacob Singer, this was a great idea by Jack who later created the Government Documents. Jack goes into more detail on this here;

We wanted the album to feel aged so we used photo manipulation and we also physically damaged the album, Holly took it home at the weekend and did a great job stylising the front inscribing it with ‘J.S’ Holly goes more into depth on this here;

We also decided it could be a nice touch to add some scribbled drawings of demons by Jacob and also hand written notes by Michael. i created these and they were slipped into the album.

Here some shots of our Final artefact which myself and team were happy with

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