Inspiration and Extended Research

Here’s a long article about Japanese Culture

Some information Japanese monuments and tradition

Dermott and I were discussing more designs which directly link to Tokyo City which we could show in our floating city. I was researching statistics and realised that Tokyo was the city with the busiest trains in the world, here’s an example of rush hour …



Some Statistics from:

I definitely think we should consider including trains in our city. Dermott had the idea of vertical trains;

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 12.22.56.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-02 at 12.23.05.png

These images were taken from they are some pretty cool concepts.

This website also included a link to some cool evolved skyscrapers which could come in useful when designing our city

This led me to this cool video on design;

Here’s a link to some pretty cool train concepts of the future;

I like this idea of detachable carriages

These days we think of road and rail transport as completely different things, but this distinction is set to become a little muddy as technology marches towards 2050. One of the benefits of public transport in general is that it avoids the inherent chaos of personal transport where the decisions are made by individual drivers. “Follow-the-leader” systems are looking to solve this problem by using a lead vehicle that’s wirelessly linked to a series of other cars or “carriages” which follow its path autonomously. The system retains the flexibility of purely private transport (i.e. vehicles can leave the train so that you don’t all have to end up at the same destination), the only additional infrastructure required is the computers that link the vehicles and the benefits for road safety, decreasing congestion and reducing vehicle fuel consumption are obvious.


Tokyo advertising

Tokyo is renowned for it’s night time scenes with streets bombarded with bright advertisements, here are some pictures from Google images to show the extent of advertising there is in Tokyo and also inspiration for our Floating City.

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Population – 13.62Million

The highest populated metropolitan area in the world with a population of 37.8Million

Average Life span:

-Male 79.59

-Female 86.35

Homeless Population

According to the homeless population in Tokyo is at an all time low.

According to the article written in 2014 ;

‘The number of homeless people in Tokyo dropped to a record low of 1,697 this August, down from 1,877 last year, according to the latest statistics released by the metropolitan government.’

These are fractions of the 6,731 homeless people when the survey began in 2002. These are the statistics of the city, not the greater Metropolitan area.

‘A similar survey by the health, labor and welfare ministry also showed that the number of homeless people has declined in recent years. In 2014, the ministry survey found a total of 7,508 homeless people across the country living in parks, riverbeds and public places, down from 12,253 in 2010.’

Herzog & De Meuron

When researching architecture in Tokyo I found some by this company, I thought the designs were very innovative and inspiration. I looked at their designs inside and outside of Tokyo.

Here they are showcased on Dezeen

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