Glenn and I joined a team with Lauren, David and Veronika, we met up on the 6th of March to brainstorm ideas, we were to pitch a proposed idea the next day. The team took a look at genres and sub-genres to gauge an idea of what our animatic could be about. Lauren and Veronika were interested in the idea of a Thriller but were happy to apply comedy to the subject as we believed it would be easier achieved within the time constraints.

Here are some of our brain storms;



The team discussed a range of ideas, I suggested that we take an everyday inconvenience and focus an idea around that, Glen suggested the elevator in the university, how sometimes it seems to have a mind of it’s own, the team liked this idea so we mocked up some questions to understand how we would take this idea.



After brainstorming I decided to create some quick story boards of a possible plot. The easiest method was to take photographs of the elevator itself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From these images I created this;

possible plot rough.jpg

It plays on the cheeky elevator getting his comeuppance as he avoids the build up of people on the bottom floors but when he is told the floor is clear he, zooms on down and is faced with a particularly rotund soon to be passenger. This idea was really rough but I think it creates the idea of what we want, to give the elevator a personality and his actions lead to consequences. I think the most difficult aspect of this task will be the time limit and accomplishing a funny joke that an audience will understand and enjoy.





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