It’s time to start creating some designs. An original thought I had was what if our characters on the floors weren’t human, this would give us groups to model more simple characters which would be less characters and hopefully they would appear more appealing if in tune with the set design.



Our lead in our upcoming animation would be the trickster elevator, I decided to mock up some features, eyes, mouths, brows so I could test styles and composition of the features on the elevators ‘face.’  Below I think I’ve achieved some quirky designs which could possibly be used in the design.

eyestyles and positions

7th March


Here’s a concept from David that he based off elements in the Pixar Short, Blue Umbrella (2013). We thoughts that the elevators features could be used to create it’s face, David has used the handrail to create a mouth and lights to create eyes.


Concept by David

Glenn created a quick visual of our intentions on maya showing the menacing elevator flying past people who are waiting for it with a menacing looks.

Video created by Glenn

8th March

Today we pitched our idea, the consensus was that our idea was going to take too long and wouldn’t fit in the time frame. I think that we got carried away with describing variations of our story as we hadn’t consolidated on the one idea yet. David showed a cool design for the elevator which subtly incorporated the face of the elevator into it’s design. Our team took a second blow.

9th March

The team decided we should get some references for our short so we wen’t to the elevator in the university and took pictures of it and ourselves standing waiting for it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 13.14.55Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 13.26.42


On Thursday after life drawing the team decided to meet up again and figure out another idea which would better fit into the time span. Here’s an idea Lauren suggested, it was a cool concept however I thought it had the same issue as before being too long.


Glen drew up some of the concepts that the team had such as the elevator being scared of carrying a particularly rotund passenger  in the form of a security guard, the elevator being made out of order due to his mischievous nature, the elevator chasing a female elevator who he is in awe of. Another idea about two elevators who are mates having a chat totally ignoring the growing mounds of people of the bottom floor waiting for them. I think the team liked the idea of the elevator being scared of the fat man however we thought it wasn’t appropriate as it could offend someone easily.



Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 13.33.34


As a team we finally decided on the idea of the elevator dodging an undesirable passenger and thinking he was hilarious, the elevator speeds on down to the bottom floor ignoring people waiting for him on in-between floors but to his horror when he reaches the bottom floor he says the same undesirable passenger telling on him to the security guard who holds an out of order ribbon.





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