Concept Designs

The following work are sketches and concepts for my teams floating city.

Dermott thought of an idea based around a Japanese Bonsai tree which I added my own design to.

Photo on 15-03-2017 at 16.01 #2

This design is taken from James idea to use the crest of Tokyo as the base of our City.


Below is Takeshi Ogas design which I really liked followed by a couple concept studies by myself.


A very abstract design to explore different design options


Another design below with an abstract low poly idea with bright colours. Followed by thoughts on advertising.


Another abstract design below trying to represent a built up modern area in space.


The design below was in spired by architects Herzog & De Meuron, I will link an additional post with some of their work.


This is further adaptation of the last design with more abstract prospects.


Below is silhouette of how the city could look from afar based on the teams idea to have it very tall due to the images we see of Tokyo today and price of land which being very high causing people to build vertically.


Here is a design which I like and would like to take to my final designs based on living quarters. The idea of built up buildings as one like an abstract tower of apartments. I also like the idea of lots of wires hanging across these buildings.

IMAG0091 2IMAG0091IMAG0103

Based on our decision to do cut scenes of different parts of the city I created a few story board frames to explore the possibility of this.


Some train drawings below based on our idea to have vertical trains in our city.



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