Ding! -Animatic

Originally Lauren was going to do the background and character drawings while I researched sound effects but because of work she could not so I took up the task of backgrounds. Here are some scenes formatted 16:9, there are a few drawings missing as the focus on the character and the background did not need much work so Lauren agreed to do them.



I attempted to give the elevator personality in my drawings by giving it squash and stretch

I handed my line drawings over to David who added tone. David finished the tone and Lauren added the undesirable character shots. We were able to edit together the animation within the 25 second limit, Glenn and I stayed on at university to collect sounds for the presentation the next day and then rendered out the final video.

Here’s the completed animatic;


Afterwards we were critiqued by the tutors, Glen has summarised the feedback on his blog which you can find here; https://glennloneill.wordpress.com/2017/03/03/15-25-second-animation/ 

Here’s what Glen wrote;


We presented our animation to the class and to Mike and we were questioned about a few things. We were asked why the elevator was laughing as he passed the people which we had to explain that it was because he had played an impractical joke. We were also asked about how the Elevator managed to move down without anyone hitting the buttons, we explained that it was because he was a sentient life form. However we were told an improvement would be that if he pushed his own button, perhaps using a handrail as his hands. Another suggestion would be to introduce the elevator clearer as Mike didn’t know that this elevator just travelled up from a floor below. We were also again told that the final joke was okay but could be improved.

An overall confusion point however was with our character’s design. An elevator has two sets of doors, one set where the elevator is and the other where the people are waiting so that they don’t fall down the elevator shaft. We discussed multiple ways we could combat this, by having his face on the inside of the elevator, having the doors at each floor have glass, making a glass elevator or else by making his eyes able to travel on the outside of each door.

After the presentation we talked about our character’s design with Mike. Suggesting either an earlier elevator design or a more modern glass elevator. We also discussed about the elevator having hands by being able to move the handrails.

Glen decided to put together an alternate ending as a fix to the lacklustre punchline where the undesirable man jumps down the elevator shaft crushing the elevator for a slapstick ending and also a pun to top it off as the camera zooms out to an escalator who says, ‘Boy, that escalated quickly’, you can see it here;


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