‘Fizzed Up’ – Animatic

It was crunch time, with deadline looming we had to pick an idea and stick with it. We decided to stick with the vending machine character designs which the tutors liked. The team brainstormed in the morning, we discussed a few ideas involving the three male vending machines pandering after a new female vending machine who for whatever reason never humoured any of the affections possibly due to some bigger and better machine taking her eye. We thought it could be funny if the products inside each vending machine linked with the machines personality e.g Energy drinks could lead to a hyper character. Lauren had the idea that maybe we could have a coke machine and a mentos machine which is obviously a love story doomed to fail, the team thought we should go ahead with this idea and so we got to creating some storyboards. I drew this story board up in my sketch book to try and get an idea for some of the shots


When creating the running scene we looks at Madagascar and toy story for reference;

Lauren suggested this clip which was helpful for looking at shots and composition.

I took on the task of creating the animatic for the final animation as the rigs were being created and other things were being finished up, Lauren created the opening shot so it was handy to use . We decided to have the female vending machine face the window so the light could shine on her making her stand out across the room and give her a forlorn look. I like the shot where the vending machines peak out from behind the main one, I think it adds comedic effect.

I edited the frames i drew together and added some sound effects and here it is;

Some shots did not make the cut for the final animatic for various reasons. We showed the animatic to the lecturer’s they liked it but had some suggestions. Mike suggested that the vending machines could swell into a heart shape, I liked this idea. They also suggested that maybe the girl should have some vending machine pals as it seems a little creepy when she is alone, I’m not sure I like to think of it that way, in my mind having her by herself was harmless and the vending machines friend push him on so that he will talk to his crush butI see where the lecturers were coming from. Conann suggested Grease as a reference, I liked this idea and decided to add a couple more girls to the female vending machines side.

Homage to lost shots…



Final Animatic


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