Final Animation – Amendments

One of the critiques was that the camera moved too much, I re-rendered out the frames in the push scene where the camera swoops to a side view and replaced it with a cut just to calm the scene down a bit and allow the focus to be on the characters .

Glenn worked on fixing some continuity errors

‘With this scene in particular I also had other improvements that I wanted to make. Firstly the scene was a flipped version of what it should look like as I messed up building the swelling blend shape from the wrong side at the start. Another error we noticed ourselves when evaluating the shots was that there was a clear split between two planes in the background. This was because the outside background was actually just an image on different planes and this revealed the edge of the plane.’

Another continuity error we had noticed was that because we flipped the scene, the characters’ button features were at the wrong side. The first shot below shows how the button panel is closest to the sofa for the Cola machine while the button panel for the Soft Mint machine is closest to the window. Well in the next shot, the button panel for each character has switched sides as we flipped the scene to pull off this shot. I want to recreate this shot especially because of this intentional error as it is just a typical continuity movie mistake.’

Glenn’s Post


The above are Glenn’s pictures identifying errors

‘Working with N Cloth and Constraints for the first time was a challenge. I found that in some frames the wire is being disconnected from the plug and I would like to apply the  Point To Surface Constraint again to attach the wire and plug.’ -Glenn

Glenn also turned down the ambient colour and placed another light on the machines to allow them to stand out and the logos to be clear as this was one of the critiques.

Here’s Glenn again on re-rendering the foam

‘After spending a few days working on other projects, we came back to collect the final renders and put them together. We collected all of the renders off the different computers and put the scene together. Unfortunately the renders didn’t seem to match up as the skydome had lost its texture on some of the Mac computers, even tho it showed the object having the texture, it was rendering as if it wasn’t placed. Another thing that wasn’t rendering was the foam on some of the computers. We tried to look for a solution that we could use to fix this but the only way would be to render out the scene again. I got David to put this scene in with the rest of the production anyway to see what the finished animation would look like after taking on board the feedback. Despite the lighting in that render messing up and the foam disappearing, the textures looked far better and clearer now; therefore making the foreshadowing of the explosion clearer.’ -Glenn

David added in some more ambient noise to the animation and worked with the timing of sounds

Here is the animation with amendments

Continuity errors were fixed but the errors we faced when re-rendering are very obvious, we are still in the process of re-rendering these errors as we want the final outcome of this animation to be as good as possible. We also felt that the new foam by itself didn’t read as well with the end scene so we are rendering in the old foam and the new foam together for an even bigger bang. I also think when re-editing the final kiss scene needs some timing fixes.

The camera cuts were applied;

*Final Final edit still to come*

Final Edit


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