20/11/16 Making Amendments

During the past week we made some correction to the animatic based on the feedback from the tutors.

First thing I did was create frames to show more clearly that the original ball was the main character. I created these backgrounds in a style like Lauren’s and added the characters on top showing motion.


Next I had to improve the clarity of the shadows so the viewer had a better idea of what was happening.

Here’s a frame showing how I made the shadows more obvious.

I edited the rest of the frames with shadows;

I still think these frames could do with further editing to heighten the contrast between the world and shadow people.

Lauren added more frames to the starting frames to show the motion of the ball clearer (add link to Lauren’s blog)


15/11/16 Feedback

Today we presented our animatic and photographs. The animatic didn’t go down well, Conánn and Mike highlighted a lot of issues with it. The animatic didn’t read well and the shadows didn’t read well either, we needed to show more frames to highlight that the original ball was the main character in the animatic. It was hard to hear the negative feedback because we had worked so hard on it this week but life moves on and the best we can do is learn from our mistakes. There wasn’t a task set for the next week other than catchup with where we were and make amendments to our animatic.

14/11/16Colouring this little pear

I firstly coloured the the character using the basic colour palette that Lauren came up with. Once she had the background I added the character layer on top. I added any additional colouring, shadows or lighting which suited the scene. Here are two examples below.

Lauren created the backgrounds based on our rough sketches and I created the tree person character and the shadow people.

Here are all of the scenes which i have imposed the character onto the background. I created the background of scenes 4,5 and 6 myself as they were just close ups, I added some more red tones into the environment because of the reflected light off of the moon.

There further scenes show the tree person but I created shadows which come out of the crevice and chase the tree person. I just created a new layer and added added a smokey shadow with hints of hands and heads as if to show the shadows were trying to catch the tree person. This also links in well as an old idea for this world was that the shadows were from dead humans.

The landscape was very dark which meant that the shadows would be hard to see if they were black so the shadows I painted in look quite smokey with tones fitting to the atmosphere.

Here are all of the Final frames. David found some nice music and sound effects which he played for us. David is also going to edit the movie for our presentation tomorrow.

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11/11/16 Roughs and Character roatations

Today I did out some rough drawings for the stills I was assigned by the team, I had frames 11,12,13 and 14. The plan was to refine the drawings but Lauren felt comfortable colouring from the roughs which was great as it will cut down the time a lot.

As I was assigned to drawing the character for the scenes I created a character rotation so I knew what I would be drawing when adding the tree person to the scenes. The character design we decided to use was one of Allistar Lyons drawings which he adapted from the previous groups work, I personally really liked it so I took his design and tried to create the lineup.


Allistar’s Drawing


I then began to add the characters into the perspective of the environments attempting to keep the line work simple so I could colour them later with the correct lighting and shadows which apply to the scenes. I drew them into my backgrounds then put them on separate documents so I could impose them on to the final colours studies with ease.


Had an idea for the starting scene taken from another of Allistar’s great paintings. I took his original painting, added higher mountains, a deep sky and some clouds. The blue lines represent camera movement.

opening scene test.jpg

(Note, Link Allistar’s blog for credit)

10/11/16 StoryBoards

Today after life drawing my group met. Myself Lauren and David spent quite a while developing quite a solid story board with camera pans and some timing directions. Jessica joined us and was happy with the direction we had taken the story. We sat down and discussed colour schemes and ideas, I felt we all had a good grasp of what we wanted to do. We assigned tasks for everyone to do five rough drawings of the scenes and David and I could refine the drawings after. Lauren was happy to do colour and Jesscia was happy to work on lighting shadows and find some sound effects.


A reference I thought of which could be a cool influence for our shadows, death eaters in black, Aurors in white.


A colour image for reference Lauren showed us which we could possibly take inspiration from, nice portrayal or warm and cold colours.


Possible colour Palette which Lauren suggested we could use she made on photoshop

9/11/16 Brainstorming and Thumbnails

Myself and Lauren met up in the morning and brainstormed some ideas, David and Jess came in shortly after and had liked the ideas we came up with. The main focus of the idea was following one of the little tree people of our world and some form of chase scene with the shadow people being the pursuers. Lauren began to draw out some thumbnails of our idea and our team began to attempt some concept art for the animatic. I proceeded to look at a story board and looking at camera angles and panning.

The general story that we are following focuses on the tree people. At night they sleep in huddles as they emit a greater light together which keeps the shadow people well away. One young tree baby falls from their huddle and rolls away. When he wakes up he sees a pretty light, being a young’un the kid doesn’t know the dangers of night and the shadow people so it follows the light (possibly the moon). It waddles after  the light but reachers the chasm where the shadow people reside, it realises the trouble when the light is gone and as he turns back he gets chased by shadow people. It looks like he won’t make it back to the huddle but his mates save the day bursting light at the shadows saving our little wanderer.


Below is some of the beautiful work done by Allistar Lyons on the group before us which gave us a great grasp of the world and ideas for our animatic.

I thought I cool reference was one of the new clips from planet earth 2 of snakes chasing an iguana, the footage is epic and has tense moments which I feel could be useful to us developing our animatic.

David reminded us of a doctor who episode called ‘Silence in the Library’ which I feel was a good reference for the shadows. He also mentioned other references such as when the egg gets away from the parents which is a good visual for our tree baby that falls away from his huddle.