10/10/16 – 18/10/16 Character Design

In Order to begin creating the characters in our world we needed to settle on the idea for our world, there were so many ideas so it took us a long time to have a clear plot for our world. But after hours of planning we arrived at our final idea. It couldn’t be worded better than Darcy on her blog so here’s what she wrote;

The Bermuda triangle exists as a world within our own world-invisible to us due to it being stuck in a different pocket dimension.

 A lonely God trapped in the form of a stone carving resides in the Bermuda triangle.

He has been around since the beginning of time. When the land around him was not covered in water, he had a planet to rule, but as the water rose around him he lost his friends and his land.

Using his powers, he pulls planes and ships towards him, hoping to use their parts to build a new world for himself. However he realises that if anyone finds it, they could come and destroy it, so he creates electronic fogs to alter time and render his planet invisible to all who pass.

Still trapped, the God cannot build his new world, so he imbues an octopus with powers, making him his most powerful servant.

The octopus uses his new powers to inject other animals with ink, giving them tattoos which bring them under the influence of the God. With each new tattoo, a new glowing carving is added to the stone pillar.

The ink causes the animals to mutate to better serve their God. They collect and build the new world from debris and rubbish. They inhabit the island, bringing with them organic life and an ecosystem develops.

But the God is chipped, and his magic begins to seep out into the ocean, acting in ways he cannot control.

It creates demented ink creatures who threaten life on the planet, and who begin to inhabit the stone carving, slowly haunting the God and driving him mad.


So now that we had our backstory it was time to create some characters! The plan was for everyone to create some designs, and from this choose our favourite elements of each persons and once we had some cool designs we would draw the up to be included in a lineup.


So here’s some rough character designs that I did, some of these ideas were based off of my team mates designs, such as, I really like Rose’s style of tattoo’s as they looked tribal so I incorporated that, also Darcy’s designs showed really cool elements like twigs and debris from wreckages on her characters so I attempted to incorporate this too.


This was our final lineup for presentations on Tuesday featuring some fantastic designs. A huge thanks to my team for these collaborative designs and a special thanks to Ryan for digitally drawing five of the above characters, Darcy drew out the brilliant winged cat which was of her own design, she also designed the 12 foot clutz ‘Herb’ and Rose designed the incredibly cool three eyed iguana and had artistic influence in the other pieces.

I had a go at digitally drawing one of the fish I designed for the lineup, not quite as precise as Ryan’s paintings put for the timescale I was happy with the output.


Here’s a really rough original design that Ryan managed to Transform into a wicked character;

Overall I was really pleased with the characters my group created, I have learned a lot from each of them, I hope to work with them again in the near future.


10-10-16 Changing teams

A new week a new challenge. We were told in the previous week that some of us will be changing groups and myself and fellow team mate Ryan were torn from our original ideas to explore new horizons. We landed in a group with Darcy who had stayed with her original groups idea and Rose who like Ryan and myself had moved from another group.

Darcy filled us in on our new idea ‘BERMUDA TIKI ISLAND GOD.’ Her team had thought it out well and had lots of exciting elements to their world, it took me a while to get my head around everything. I was excited to help with the new idea, my team were excellent and came up with fantastic ideas however I think I was a bit slow to join the process,  as there was so much going on in the world already I didn’t quite know what I could contribute, but I was still determined to be a helpful asset to my team and didn’t want to let them down. We were thinking in particular about audiences and characters that would reside in out Tiki world which proved more difficult than we thought because sometimes one of our ideas would rule out an old one, we wanted to make it as exciting as possible without losing the essence of what we began with.