Colour Development

When reviewing my previous work I realised that even though I had learned a lot and that my art began developing I had not showcased what I have learned especially in terms of colour work which was previously very safe. I have tried to be more experimental with my work using different mediums and a wider range of contrasting colours.

Here is an example of two water colour and pencil pieces for the synapse world which was originally the world I was assigned to for colour week. I’ve tried to explore the uses of warm and cold colours and I am happy with the result.


I really wanted to do more digital paintings, I decided to compose and paint a scene for an original idea I had for the shadow world animatic of one of the little tree people looking into cavernous depths of the shadow peoples home right before an eclipse. A critique for this piece would be that it’s quite earth like and not experimental in that sense, however, my aim and purpose of this piece was to showcase my furthered understanding of colour.

Shadow world colour study .jpg


Inspired by some of my classmates I wanted to try a photo mash piece. I drew up a sketch I had done as a concept for ‘Tiki Island God’ world and began to mash photos and paint together using things like nets and metal to show how this creatures might be affected during their mutations in this world.picture smash.jpg


8/11/16 Feedback and New Project

Today we presented our ideas and it didn’t go all that well. Communication in the past couple of weeks was not that great in the team and due to personal matters in their life a group member could not contribute to the overall colour week which meant we had a lack of work and David wanted to focus on their tonal pieces before they moved onto colour even though his tonal pieces were a great addition to the presentation. This meant that we had quite a lack of colour work as it consisted of my own and Viola’s. Conánn gave our groups colour work constructive criticism saying that we hadn’t been adventurous enough with our colour work, this resonated with me as I felt my colour pieces had little variation of warm and cool colours but were more glorified tonal pieces. Looking at the rest of the classes work was incredibly intimidating with many members of the class showing incredible talent, experimentation and innovation, this made me feel disappointed in my own work but also inspiring. Although colour week is over this is a task that I will study in spare time that I have alongside tone as there is a lot I need to know about these essential skills.

At the end of presentations we were reassigned into new groups with a team member change, I remained in the group with Jessica and David but we had a new addition to the team as Viola left, Lauren joined our team. The new world we joined was incredibly interesting and the team on the world had left us with some beautiful concepts to work with. The task set was to create a 30 second coloured animation for next week. It will be a lot of work but with team efforts it should be possible to a high standard.

2/11/16 New Abstract Ideas

Viola was interesting in taking a quite abstract approach to our synapse world, she looked at 2d elements which I found interesting. I liked her designs and thought it would be cool to try and adapt them into some of my own designs. We agreed that we had lots of room for experimentation in out world still. Here is some of Violas pieces below.

I decided to jump into a different medium than digital drawing because I was inspired by other people in the classes fantastic watercolour and pencil studies. I decided I would look at how colours represented moods such as blue signifying sadness or depression or red showing anger. I also wanted to look at mental illness so I painted a couple of designs showing possible visualisations of how the synapses would look for example, synapses in a trench so they can not connect, or synapses frozen drifting through a void.


These light boxes had some inspiration for the layering in the pieces.

Light boxes by Hari & Deepti


I attempted the above digital piece with reference to one of my water colour paintings above, the intent was to use hot colours to represent anger. I decided to use a cave like image as it could resonate with lava and heat.


I created this piece with the mental illness in mind, I wanted it to be fairly abstract with Violas work in mind. The idea behind it is the synapses are not making any connections and are just drifting through a void which could represent the brain of someone who has Alzheimer’s or another disease which impairs thought processes.


I created this digital painting with the intention of it representing a brain having a dream, the synapses are wisping through the clouds. Inspiration taken from the below image.insp-twirly-cloud

27-10-16 Colour Struggles

Myself and Viola met up on Thursday after life drawing after life drawing classes later joined by David, we discussed some ideas of where our world was heading. Viola wanted to work on her tonal work for another while before moving into colour and David had the same thoughts. The start of the week was quite slow die to also having the photography project to consider alongside colour work but we decided that we had a lot of room to experiment with light sources in our synapse world. We also shared the idea that we could look further into what would happen to the synapses if the brains owner was experiencing a dream or suffering from a mental illness.

I began the week attempting some studies but the task was proving more difficult than I had thought it would be, colour is really difficult.


This is an incomplete piece. I attempted to compose a rather drastic perspective shot of a synapse reaching into the sky however. The intent of this piece was to have contrasting warm and cold colours, the warm colours would be around the synapse which provides it’s own light source which would signify heat. I spent a lot of time composing the piece but I felt like I had messed up the colour values. I think I hit a block with this piece so I decided my time would be better spent moving on and possibly coming back to it. (Not the case)

I attempted another piece this time beginning with the tonal values so that I could make a more dramatic contrast and then used a gradient mask to adjust the overall colour of the piece.


This piece has some feeling of depth but I don’t feel the values are justified, the piece lacks detail and style but as this was still only the start of colour week I felt I would have more time to improve and really grasp using colour.

Colour Week

After presenting our tonal pieces we were set the task of adding colour to our worlds. Conánn also wanted us to review our tonal work and only move onto colour when we were confident with it. I decided it could be useful to do some research on colour theory and also how to colour paint in photoshop.

This video was helpful when trying to understand the effects of values and saturation in colour work.

This video helped reinforced my knowledge of value when painting.