6-10-16 Down to 16

My team met up the next day to discuss the ideas which we had came up with at home and see if we could take any other and develop it further. Everyone had at least one world that they especially liked on the board when we began to round it down. We decided to take 16 of these ideas split them between the four of us.imag01632

One idea I took was ‘World under radar’ this was one of Ryan’s ideas, i really liked it and enjoyed the thought of something moving around the world and impacting it in some way. I also decided to try and further develop my old idea of the tesseract as I thought it could have some cool possibilities, I also chose the idea of a terraforming clock which was also one of Ryan’s and finally I took world on a pendulum which I thought could have some interesting factors in regards to time when creating a world.


I narrowed my ideas down to three of my favourite ones and did some sketches to grasp a better idea of what my head was attempting to envision.

Plant world

This originated from Ryan’s idea of a World under a radar;

  • Eccentric orbit
  • When close to the sun the plants grow toward it
  • When far from the sun the planet curls in on itself as a means of protection from the killer cold
  • In my head it kind of looked like a brussel sprout or a hibernating hedgehog
  • Plants could be poisonous, super strong, living, undead, anything really, they are space plants.

Space Pirate World

Originated from my tesseract idea;

  • Band of space pirates stole and entire planet
  • They also managed to steal a Tesseract
  • They use this to slip through time and space
  • They pray on and pillage weaker planets throughout the universe

Testing world

I quite liked the idea of this world it originated from Ryan’s terraforming clock idea;

  • It’s an entire planet that is dedicated to testing for disasters
  • ‘Man’-made or natural
  • The planet is inhabited, could be workers could be held there against their will to be used as test dummies
  • World would restore itself at the end of the day
  • Corrupt profiting business that everyone thinks is good but is secretly enslaving a race of creatures.

5-10-16 Thinking is hard


The three ideas that I choose to look at were, World in a tear, a Hidden or Co-existing world and infinite Tunnel world.

Hidden world

The idea I liked behind a hidden world involved a tesseract. In reference to the film interstellar ;

One of the most visually arresting sequences from Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar was the scene in which Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) found himself inside of a Tesseract near the end of the movie. A Tesseract is a theoretical construct that exists beyond the three dimensions that we can perceive.

The tesseract is also referenced in the marvel franchise ;

The Tesseract is an Infinity Stone of unparalleled power that is owned by Odin, it is now stored in Asgard. The cube is based on the Cosmic Cube in the Marvel Comics continuity. It exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and features predominantly in Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers.

I enjoyed the idea, of joining the 3rd and fourth dimension at them same time to create a co- existing world. Where possibly this is an occurrence that happens every 100 years both planets in each dimension have to prepare themselves for the merging of dimensions.

I had other ideas for this topic such as a small invisible world living in a busy solar system but was only heard of as a myth by other planets. Or even a world that has an invisible community that lives on the same world as everyone else and just messes with their stuff.

I came up with some other options for my other ideas,’World inside a tear’ and ‘infinite tunnel world’ such as world or an unraveling thread or a world in a tunnel where most of the population has given up searching for an end but some few still journey for the end of the tunnel.

Coming up with ideas was harder than I first anticipated but my team didn’t disappoint on their end the next day and we were able to develop on some of our ideas further.

5-10-16 40 Ideas

imag01612Each group came up with 40 ideas, my group included, Lauren Bell, Jessica Kirkpatrick, Ryan Loughran and myself. Everyone was able to come up with ideas and we actually had a few cool concepts in mind and some totally ridiculous ideas, but Conánn seemed to appreciate them the most. I guess wacky ideas ideas are fine as long as you can apply them to some logic which opens up loads of possibilities.

At the end of class my team and i choose our favourite 10 ideas and split them between the four of us, Ryan and I took three each and the girls both took two. The goal was to create 10 more ideas based off each of our chosen few to reach 80 in total.

Create a world

For our second week of first year animation we have been assigned the task of creating a world. After being assigned into groups we were asked up to come up with 40 possible worlds. The ideas shared were mainly similar throughout the class with some pretty interesting ones here and there. Conánn asked us to from the 40 ideas choose 10of them, then create 10 for each of these 10, from those 100 pick 20 and create 10 for each, from that 200 then pick 5 of our favourite ideas. The process feels quite redundant but eventually you can see new interpretations of old ideas and the new ideas being further developed into full concepts which is quite exciting.