I continued working in my sketchbook practicing head studies and some other things based on Bridgemans ‘Drawing from Life’ book, I will continue to do this in the future so that I can take full advantage on the life drawing sessions.


Hats on Heads

In preparation for class we were asked to do some hat on heads studies. I didn’t commit to this homework as much as I should have and some of my examples aren’t accomplished. I will have to do more of these in the future. I also drew a few extra Madam Mims for practice.


Homework – This weeks homework was to draw a friend from different angles, this was fun as I completed this task with a couple of friends from the course using the same model. I really need to start paying more attention to drawing the chair because I’m being left with a lot of floating people. I think for the most part in these drawings the the proportions are decent maybe with the exception of the dead which is drawn too small. I believe the drawings read well. The last few drawings I believe show the models weight distribution quite well


Superman Heads

HomeWork – This weeks homework was drawing superman heads, I started with some rough perspective heads and then copied the worksheet. I attempted to do my own versions which weren’t that successful in terms of likeness, I’ll need to practise these!


Winnie the Pooh

HomeWork – This homework task was to draw Winnie the Pooh from the worksheet and also attempted to draw some of our own versions, Mike advised me to focus more on the underlying basic shapes as opposed to copying the lines I see which makes sense, I need to get into the habit of this!