Final Animation – Amendments

One of the critiques was that the camera moved too much, I re-rendered out the frames in the push scene where the camera swoops to a side view and replaced it with a cut just to calm the scene down a bit and allow the focus to be on the characters .

Glenn worked on fixing some continuity errors

‘With this scene in particular I also had other improvements that I wanted to make. Firstly the scene was a flipped version of what it should look like as I messed up building the swelling blend shape from the wrong side at the start. Another error we noticed ourselves when evaluating the shots was that there was a clear split between two planes in the background. This was because the outside background was actually just an image on different planes and this revealed the edge of the plane.’

Another continuity error we had noticed was that because we flipped the scene, the characters’ button features were at the wrong side. The first shot below shows how the button panel is closest to the sofa for the Cola machine while the button panel for the Soft Mint machine is closest to the window. Well in the next shot, the button panel for each character has switched sides as we flipped the scene to pull off this shot. I want to recreate this shot especially because of this intentional error as it is just a typical continuity movie mistake.’

Glenn’s Post


The above are Glenn’s pictures identifying errors

‘Working with N Cloth and Constraints for the first time was a challenge. I found that in some frames the wire is being disconnected from the plug and I would like to apply the  Point To Surface Constraint again to attach the wire and plug.’ -Glenn

Glenn also turned down the ambient colour and placed another light on the machines to allow them to stand out and the logos to be clear as this was one of the critiques.

Here’s Glenn again on re-rendering the foam

‘After spending a few days working on other projects, we came back to collect the final renders and put them together. We collected all of the renders off the different computers and put the scene together. Unfortunately the renders didn’t seem to match up as the skydome had lost its texture on some of the Mac computers, even tho it showed the object having the texture, it was rendering as if it wasn’t placed. Another thing that wasn’t rendering was the foam on some of the computers. We tried to look for a solution that we could use to fix this but the only way would be to render out the scene again. I got David to put this scene in with the rest of the production anyway to see what the finished animation would look like after taking on board the feedback. Despite the lighting in that render messing up and the foam disappearing, the textures looked far better and clearer now; therefore making the foreshadowing of the explosion clearer.’ -Glenn

David added in some more ambient noise to the animation and worked with the timing of sounds

Here is the animation with amendments

Continuity errors were fixed but the errors we faced when re-rendering are very obvious, we are still in the process of re-rendering these errors as we want the final outcome of this animation to be as good as possible. We also felt that the new foam by itself didn’t read as well with the end scene so we are rendering in the old foam and the new foam together for an even bigger bang. I also think when re-editing the final kiss scene needs some timing fixes.

The camera cuts were applied;

*Final Final edit still to come*

Final Edit


Final Animation



Our animation was a success in my eyes, I’m really pleased with what we were bale to produced especially given how late it was before we actually had our final idea. The tutors liked it too, they had some critique for us;

Noise at the end

Scale of foam

Animate the running more from the chest up

Too much camera movement – I will re- render these shots

Sign Value Backlit

Camera cut too much

Ambient sounds


Coke can sound

We will make sure to make these amendments in the next week. I was really happy to see all of the animations in class today everyone did such a great job, it’s rewarding to see everyones hard work paid off!



The deadline is fast approaching and we haven’t started to animate yet as we are still waiting on the rigs to be complete. We don’t need the rigs for the opening shot so I said i would set up the camera for it with the dummy characters in the scene. Originally we were going to use this camera movement showing the room before moving onto the vending machines but Mike suggested it was pointless and that is should just start with the vending machines.

Glen had the idea of having the title on the digital display of the vending machine, I think this worked out really nicely as the focus is clear from the beginning and it’s an innovative way to show our title, Glen and David animated the eyes for this shot. Here’s the playblast;


I composed and created this over the shoulder shot shot showing the audience what the main vending machine was looking at, its shows the girls looking at one another to indicate (as awkward as this sounds) they like what they see. Originally I wanted to use the rig to give more movement to the girls however due to issues cause by my key framing the life out of everything i was unable to animate the daces and use the rig.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 00.53.01

I like this scene it’s quite funny, physics doesn’t really apply the the leaning vending machines here but I think it adds to the humour. I tried to keep in mind that how facial expressions would be affect as the yellow machine bumps the red, I shut his eyes and altered his smiling mouth slightly as a reaction to using his face to push the red vending machine. I animated the blue vending machine to be finding his balance however I let him rest on the pivots for too long and it doesn’t look smooth.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 00.53.34Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 00.55.25

The camera switches to this view for a closeup of our protagonist.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 00.53.55

This scene was fun to make as I got to play with all of their mouth shapes and where their eyes followed, i’m not sure where I’ve left this file so I don’t have a playblast to show. I animated the purples vending machines’ eyes to look the boys up and down in a sassy manner, the pink vending machine blinks seductively and the green girls eye lids lift as she stares over. I created a heart on maya, duplicated it and imported them into the scene, then I animated the hearts to come towards the camera as if radiating from the pink vending machine to draw the attention to her, it also clarifies the attraction between the cola and mintoes machines.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 00.54.23Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 00.54.38

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 01.13.23Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 01.13.41Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 01.13.59

Branding our goods

The team decided that we wanted to create all of our own brands for our products inside our vending machines, we also thought it would be funny to throw in some references to our classmates or events when creating the logos. Everyone contributed some designs, here are some of my own simple designs;


This is the logo for the Female Vending machine, it is a clear rip off of ‘mentos’ as I’ve branded it ‘Mintoes,’ I don’t think they will sue me.


I made some packaging variations so the texture could be mapped on to the products.



I created some variations of the logo to see which would look the best, the team liked the middle one so I went with it.


I created this shot in maya by modelling some Mintoes and their packet and then added photoshopped it onto the logo for the side of the vending machine so the viewers could better understand what the product was.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 00.37.02Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 00.37.54Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 00.38.10

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 15.40.19

This was the final logo fro the side of the female vending machine;


Here’s a mix of logos created my the rest of the team and myself

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 00.20.33Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 00.20.43Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 00.20.51

Teams art above


I also created a couple of simple assets for inside the vending machine, a mint packet and a chocolate bar.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 00.42.30Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 00.42.51

‘Fizzed Up’ – Animatic

It was crunch time, with deadline looming we had to pick an idea and stick with it. We decided to stick with the vending machine character designs which the tutors liked. The team brainstormed in the morning, we discussed a few ideas involving the three male vending machines pandering after a new female vending machine who for whatever reason never humoured any of the affections possibly due to some bigger and better machine taking her eye. We thought it could be funny if the products inside each vending machine linked with the machines personality e.g Energy drinks could lead to a hyper character. Lauren had the idea that maybe we could have a coke machine and a mentos machine which is obviously a love story doomed to fail, the team thought we should go ahead with this idea and so we got to creating some storyboards. I drew this story board up in my sketch book to try and get an idea for some of the shots


When creating the running scene we looks at Madagascar and toy story for reference;

Lauren suggested this clip which was helpful for looking at shots and composition.

I took on the task of creating the animatic for the final animation as the rigs were being created and other things were being finished up, Lauren created the opening shot so it was handy to use . We decided to have the female vending machine face the window so the light could shine on her making her stand out across the room and give her a forlorn look. I like the shot where the vending machines peak out from behind the main one, I think it adds comedic effect.

I edited the frames i drew together and added some sound effects and here it is;

Some shots did not make the cut for the final animatic for various reasons. We showed the animatic to the lecturer’s they liked it but had some suggestions. Mike suggested that the vending machines could swell into a heart shape, I liked this idea. They also suggested that maybe the girl should have some vending machine pals as it seems a little creepy when she is alone, I’m not sure I like to think of it that way, in my mind having her by herself was harmless and the vending machines friend push him on so that he will talk to his crush butI see where the lecturers were coming from. Conann suggested Grease as a reference, I liked this idea and decided to add a couple more girls to the female vending machines side.

Homage to lost shots…



Final Animatic

Evolving Ideas idea was working so I had a thought that the team seemed to like, what if the elevator really wanted to be something else, maybe, a vending machine? Sure it’s a little odd but we thought they had a relatively similar blocky design. Maybe the elevator was dopey and didn’t think about his actions, maybe he spat out people like a vending machine spits out snacks, we thought maybe he could be harassed or mocked by one of the vending machines which led him to consume his goods and take his place, the humour being in the fact that the elevator is blissfully unaware of his traumatising actions. We thought maybe one of the vending machines could spit out a can at the elevator, this would be the victim for the attack. I’ve created a rough photo mash and some digital paintings to visualise my thoughts for this idea.

Concept piece showing an elevator pretending to be a vending machine filled with confectionary he took from the other vending machines. It shows his severed chords showing that he broke free from the elevator shaft, the vending machines look on in fear and try to get as far away as possible.


The below concept shows four vending machines taking but their bubble is burst when the vending machine breaks free from his restraints and takes one of their places. As stated before the thought was that the vending machines could be making fun of the elevator or chuck at can at him which makes him frustrated and take matters into his own hands, this idea was based off wanting an implicit meaning of treat others as you would like to be treated, the explicit, a vending machine being attacked by an elevator.



Above is an animatic Glen created to show the elevator being bullied




I went on to create some more character designs with more personality changing their shapes and size, the girl, the bully and his cronies and finally our protagonist the elevator. I messed around with colour and shape, I had some rough shape sketches on paper but unfortunately they have gone missing so you’ll just have to take my word that I experimented.


I wanted designs to make the character their own, I wanted to lend personality to them based on their shape. I liked though thought of giving the female vending machine curves, maybe not the conventional hour glass figure because it’s a vending machine, but curves none the less. I ended up giving her a shapely head, some eyelashes and lips to give the impression it was a female vending machine.


Below are the two ‘smarms’ as we took to calling them, I quite like the subtle curves which give them their own distinct looks. I tried to give them straighter edges than the female to maybe indicate a more solid less feminine figure. I designed one tall and skinny, one short and wide as I thought it was a funny combination.


Here is the bully who is drawn quite straight which contrasts to the curves of the other machines, I wanted him to look different than the others. his design is quite plain but I think this shows him as strong and macho.



Here is our protagonist the elevator. I wanted to design him with curves as I envisioned the he would squash and stretch, I also wanted him to compliment the female vending machine to some extent which is why he round off more at the bottom so that they would fit beside each other more easily. By suggestion by Glen and David I took reference from ‘Bob the Builder’ for the mouth, to be specific, the character lofty.



Here’s the final line up showing the size variations of the characters



We revised this idea and wanted to develop it a bit more, we decided it should be a love story which is something we had discussed before with our previous elevator ideas. The idea involved a new beautiful vending machine that the elevator instantly falls for, however his lingering gaze is interrupted my a douchebag vending machine who shoots a can at the elevator hitting him in the face. The elevator gets his revenge as the lights turn out swapping places with the douchebag and tying him up in the elevator shaft in the process to cover up his tracks. Here’s a story board that Glen drew up from the teams ideas;


Glen then created this animatic from the story board, his animatic showed various different shot ideas and methods which we could incorporate to show the elevator’s emotions without words.


We wanted the animatic to be digital and to consolidate some ideas so I used Glen’s to make another version with a few changes. Here’s all the frames I drew out for the animatic;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I edited the video together for the presentation the next day.  Unfortunately, I did not have time to complete the last couple of shots of the vending machine tied up in the elevator shaft.


This was not a huge problem as based on feedback from Mike and Yuan we decided to change our idea, there was elements that they liked such as the way emotions were conveyed by the elevator and they also thought the character designs of the vending machines were appealing so we decided stick with them but ultimately change the idea as the tutors didn’t believe the story was strong enough and we agreed.

Design Ideas

An issue which Mike rose about our elevator was that it maybe wouldn’t make sense to the audience, how do we know that it’s moving of it’s on free will? He made the suggestions could he press his own buttons? I decided to do some rough sketches to show this in action by using the hand rail in the elevator as an arm of sorts which could press the button.



Here’s an image Glen made with a similar concept


Glen’s Concept


It’s time to start creating some designs. An original thought I had was what if our characters on the floors weren’t human, this would give us groups to model more simple characters which would be less characters and hopefully they would appear more appealing if in tune with the set design.



Our lead in our upcoming animation would be the trickster elevator, I decided to mock up some features, eyes, mouths, brows so I could test styles and composition of the features on the elevators ‘face.’  Below I think I’ve achieved some quirky designs which could possibly be used in the design.

eyestyles and positions

7th March


Here’s a concept from David that he based off elements in the Pixar Short, Blue Umbrella (2013). We thoughts that the elevators features could be used to create it’s face, David has used the handrail to create a mouth and lights to create eyes.


Concept by David

Glenn created a quick visual of our intentions on maya showing the menacing elevator flying past people who are waiting for it with a menacing looks.

Video created by Glenn

8th March

Today we pitched our idea, the consensus was that our idea was going to take too long and wouldn’t fit in the time frame. I think that we got carried away with describing variations of our story as we hadn’t consolidated on the one idea yet. David showed a cool design for the elevator which subtly incorporated the face of the elevator into it’s design. Our team took a second blow.

9th March

The team decided we should get some references for our short so we wen’t to the elevator in the university and took pictures of it and ourselves standing waiting for it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 13.14.55Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 13.26.42


On Thursday after life drawing the team decided to meet up again and figure out another idea which would better fit into the time span. Here’s an idea Lauren suggested, it was a cool concept however I thought it had the same issue as before being too long.


Glen drew up some of the concepts that the team had such as the elevator being scared of carrying a particularly rotund passenger  in the form of a security guard, the elevator being made out of order due to his mischievous nature, the elevator chasing a female elevator who he is in awe of. Another idea about two elevators who are mates having a chat totally ignoring the growing mounds of people of the bottom floor waiting for them. I think the team liked the idea of the elevator being scared of the fat man however we thought it wasn’t appropriate as it could offend someone easily.



Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 13.33.34


As a team we finally decided on the idea of the elevator dodging an undesirable passenger and thinking he was hilarious, the elevator speeds on down to the bottom floor ignoring people waiting for him on in-between floors but to his horror when he reaches the bottom floor he says the same undesirable passenger telling on him to the security guard who holds an out of order ribbon.





Glenn and I joined a team with Lauren, David and Veronika, we met up on the 6th of March to brainstorm ideas, we were to pitch a proposed idea the next day. The team took a look at genres and sub-genres to gauge an idea of what our animatic could be about. Lauren and Veronika were interested in the idea of a Thriller but were happy to apply comedy to the subject as we believed it would be easier achieved within the time constraints.

Here are some of our brain storms;



The team discussed a range of ideas, I suggested that we take an everyday inconvenience and focus an idea around that, Glen suggested the elevator in the university, how sometimes it seems to have a mind of it’s own, the team liked this idea so we mocked up some questions to understand how we would take this idea.



After brainstorming I decided to create some quick story boards of a possible plot. The easiest method was to take photographs of the elevator itself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From these images I created this;

possible plot rough.jpg

It plays on the cheeky elevator getting his comeuppance as he avoids the build up of people on the bottom floors but when he is told the floor is clear he, zooms on down and is faced with a particularly rotund soon to be passenger. This idea was really rough but I think it creates the idea of what we want, to give the elevator a personality and his actions lead to consequences. I think the most difficult aspect of this task will be the time limit and accomplishing a funny joke that an audience will understand and enjoy.