18/10/16 – 24/10/16 Synapse World

This week was quite difficult, the team decided to create some concepts of what our world looked like, we had references to what synapses looked like and we also had some references from Violas work as she had been in the group the previous week such as the idea of faces on the synapses and also really nice drawings of probes which would disperse the emotion to the synapse. I started off doing some sketchbooks and I then proceeded some digital drawings of what I pictured.


This painting was intended to show the more creative thinking side of the brain, it also shows how light travels through the synapses to the greatest light in the centre.


The above idea is based on a mechanical part of the brain, everything is very organised, almost like power lines, I didn’t want the synapses to be solid, they could possibly look more like an electric line or some other representation of energy.  I also wanted to show the idea that the camera shots in this world could be taken from the probes perspective so I added a boarder to represent the probes vision, however I’m not sure the probe should have sight, this was just a possible representation.


This idea represents how all of the synapses are connected through the ground and also how much of the world is lighted through these veins allowing us to see the details of the world. Note: this looks too much like conventional trees, create a better design.


I wanted to get some references for lighting so I visited http://www.leadinglightdesign.com/#/new-page-1/  which was really helpful giving my ideas for lighting and also design as a lot of the images had a similar style to what I envisioned for inside of the brain.

www.gregdunn.com Came in very useful as his artwork focuses on Nueroscience which gave me lots of ideas on how out world would look from a distance

For the  synapse in the less logical thinking areas of the brain I envisioned that everything would be relatively translucent and I got the idea of looking at paper lanterns as they allow light to pass through them and I also like the texture of them, here are some references I looked at  https://uk.pinterest.com/inuk6uk/light/

David in my group led me to watch the Halo four trailer which in the beginning is inside  body and was fantastic inspiration for texture, lighting and colour for the project.

I also had some ideas for the centre of the synapse which was taken from these types of lights as I think how we showcase light in this world is very important.


Hilden & Diaz


Saturn Wind by William Leslie, Light Sculpture


18/10/16 New Groups II. Tone and Composition

Today after presenting our character designs we sorted into new groups. I’ve joined a group with Viola, David and Jessica who I was in my first team with. We have been assigned to a really interesting idea or a Synapsis World. Viola was the remaining team member from the last set of groups and she explained to us the idea behind her world, it’s a world inside a brain (owner has not yet been identified). The characters of the world are the neurons in the brain, they make connections with other nuerons and create light, the light could possibly represent the mood the owner of the brain is experiencing. The nuerons communicate through sound, these characters do not necessarily have a dialogue but are just responsive to each other like a tree is responsive to sunlight.

  1. a junction between two nerve cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter.

Nerve Cell

Types of Neurons (Nerve Cells) The human body is made up of trillions of cells. Cells of the nervous system, called nerve cells or neurons, are specialised to carry “messages” through an electrochemical process. The human brain has approximately 100 billion neurons.





Today Conánn set us the task on exploring tone and composition this week, preferably with a range five shades from white to black. He suggested we try light experimentation, perspectives and to consider the rule of 3rds. Note to self: Put everything in a frame!